About the initiative
  • Our Vision
    Clean and healthy Indoor Air should be a Human right
  • Our Mission
    We want all companies and organisations to put clean and healthy indoor air on the agenda

Campaign initiator

The Chief Airgonomics Officer initiative has been started by Camfil, a leading manufacturer of premium clean air solutions. Camfil has been since its founding and remains today an advocate for access to clean indoor air.

The Chief Airgonomics initiative is being driven at a time of urgency on three particular fronts. Sensitivities over indoor air have heightened due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Air pollutants are well known to damage the environment. The newly published WHO Air Quality Guidelines show us that air pollution is more damaging to human health than previously understood.

The initiative is a direct response to these sobering realities while also bringing to life Camfil’s mission of protecting people, processes and the environment. It also puts into practice Camfil’s knowledge and expertise built over more than half a century. Camfil is passionate to share this knowledge and know-how with its peers and wider audiences to improve people’s lives.

Camfil believes that real change can only happen through collaborative effort and would like to motivate your organisation to join the clean air movement and community. Start your clean indoor air journey today!


What is Airgonomics?

Clean air has the power to improve your quality of life. It enhances our health, performance, business operations and environmental benefits.

Inspired by the concept of ergonomics, Airgonomics is a discipline that seeks to maximise the benefits of clean air.

We aim for Airgonomics to become widely accepted to ensure that every workplace provides the best working conditions for employees.

What is the Chief Airgonomics Officer (CAO) initiative?

There is someone responsible for nearly every facet of operating an organisation. But there’s an obvious gap when it comes to indoor air.

The CAO initiative responds to this gap by raising awareness on the importance of good indoor air quality and invites all people-centric organisations to take accountability for the air we breathe by appointing their own CAO!

What is a Chief Airgonomics Officer (CAO)?

CAOs will be the Voice of Clean Air – someone who takes 100% responsibility for indoor air quality to protect your health, environment and wellbeing. Individuals in your organisation will be certified and qualified (through the CAO Training Programme) to make change happen.

They will be at the forefront of the global clean air initiative to advocate for healthier and happier workplaces on behalf of their organisation, employees and colleagues


Why Do We Need Chief Airgonomics Officers (CAOs)?

Appointing a CAO will ensure that an organisation has a certified and qualified individual in place who will take responsibility for indoor air quality (IAQ) and make change happen.

With a CAO, employees will know exactly who to consult when questions or concerns arise on indoor air in the workplace while business leaders will have a point of contact to help deliver on the benefits of air quality within their roles.

Having a Chief Airgonomics Officer in charge is a concrete solution to an invisible problem.

Why Care about Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)?

Clean indoor air is key to unlocking productivity, efficiency and health benefits.

A Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health (2015) study shows that people working in spaces with below-average levels of pollutants show up to 61% higher cognitive functioning scores compared to their counterparts working in spaces with average conditions. In even further optimised environments (below average levels of pollutants with enhanced ventilation), there were improvements up to 131% in crisis response, 288% in strategy and 299% in information usage among the cognitive function areas examined.

Read the full study here>>

Supporting UN Agenda 2030 and ESG goals

This initiative contributes to the UN Sustainable Development Goals programme as the Chief Airgonomics Officer initiative promotes sustainable, energy-efficient and healthy working environments everywhere.

We have identified goals that are important and associated with clean and healthy air.


How Can a Chief Airgonomics Officer (CAO) Help Me?

In fact, a CAO can help you do your work better. With cleaner indoor air at the workplace, CAOs take action to protect your health, well-being and comfort.

By ensuring clean indoor air at all types of workplaces, from production sites to research labs, productivity and efficiency is maximised. Ultimately leading to clean production, procedures and supply lines. By prioritising indoor air quality there is an enormous potential for unlocking business benefits.

How Can You Become a Chief Airgonomics Officer (CAO)?

To become a CAO at your workplace, sign-up for the CAO Training Programme. A digitalised programme where you can complete the training at a convenient time, study pace and location.

After completion, you will have the needed expertise and know-how about indoor air quality to become a certified and qualified person to bring clean and healthy air to your workplace.

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