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This is Airgonomics 101

Alain Bérard is the world’s first Chief Airgonomics Officer. Here he explains why you should join the CAO movement, in the first training module.

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CAO Podcasts

For even more knowledge and inspiration on Indoor Air Quality issues we recommend a listen to our CAO Podcast series.

  • 01:05 The connection between health and the labour market
  • 03:21 Comparing workers and managers to chess players
  • 05:23 How the chess experiment was set up
  • 09:57 Monitoring players performance
  • 13:40 Sharing the results
  • 15:38 Surprising difference between amateur and professionals
  • 17:26 How this applies to the workplace

Steffen Künn is an Associate Professor at the School of Business and Economics at Maastricht University, and a research fellow at the Institute of Labor Economics (IZA) as well as the Research Centre for Education and the Labour Market (ROA).

His main research interests include applied labour economics. In particular, he focuses on two topics; the effectiveness of active labour market policy and the effects of indoor environmental conditions on human health, cognition and labour market outcomes.

Social Media: Steffen Künn

Research paper: Indoor Air Quality and Strategic Decision Making

  • 00:53 What is a bioaerosol?
  • 01:29 How important are they to humans.
  • 03:50 Pollen vs Fungal Spores vs Your Lungs
  • 05:20 How they affect our day-to-day health.
  • 06:33 How national authorities measure bioaerosols.
  • 08:28 Can forecasting mitigate health symptoms.
  • 10:00 Allergens which lurk indoors in workplaces.
  • 13:30 What to look out for in your own office or facility.

Dr. David O’Connor is currently an Assistant Professor at the School of Chemical Sciences in Dublin City University, where he is involved in physical chemistry undergraduate lecturing and laboratory demonstration.He formerly worked at Technological University Dublin and has previously held post-doctoral positions at the University of Denver (Marie Curie Fellowship) and the University College Cork, which involved numerous field and laboratory studies on atmospherically relevant species and processes.

Website: Dublin City University - David O'Connor

Twitter: David O'Connor

  • Why abundance is good
  • How science simplifies the complexity of sustainability
  • The flow of materials that we dig out of the ground
  • Chemicals and waste that we release from society
  • Ecosystems being destroyed by land clearing or over-extraction of resources
  • The five key elements of social sustainability
  • How ABCD can help you explain your mission as a CAO
  • The link between clean air and sustainability
  • How one person can make a difference
ABOUT OUR GUESTRichard Blume is a senior sustainability strategist, consultant and business advisor. He is co-founder of the Sustainability Collaborative, an office of The Natural Step network that promotes a science-based framework for sustainability-driven innovation. With 20 years of experience supporting both small and medium-sized enterprises and multinationals to integrate sustainability principles into strategy and operations, Richard is a versatile trainer, strategist, project manager and analyst who likes to connect the dots between detail and the big picture. Richard holds a master’s degree in strategic leadership towards sustainability from the Blekinge Institute of Technology and a combined bachelor’s degree in civil and environmental engineering and international studies from the University of Technology, Sydney, Australia.
Richard Blume LinkedIn


The Natural Step

  • Why they volunteered for the role
  • The first step taken by every CAO
  • What benefits a CAO brings to their colleagues and business
  • Differing Air Quality Standards in Asia
  • How Asian business owners react
  • Is improving air quality expensive

Jayant Kaushal, based in Singapore, is Vice President of Business Development for Camfil Asia Pacific. He also takes a lead in promoting global standard ISO 16890 & Eurovent in Asia Pacific region. Jayant has also been a member of a task force committee, set up by the Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC) for developing Singapore Green Mark scheme for Air Filters.

Chen Xin (Sam), is based in Shanghai and works as a Product Manager for Camfil China. For the past ten years he has been responsible for different air filtration projects, with lots of experience in both comfort and clean room applications.

  • Simple improvements made in the office
  • How to tell good air from bad air
  • How they measured the existing quality of air
  • Concerns raised by employees
  • Their biggest challenge over the next six months

Paul Flanagan is Managing Director of Camfil Ireland. He has huge experience in the filtration industry, with many years of helping customers with technical queries especially in Life Science, Healthcare, Data Centres, Food & Beverage and Educational facilities.

  • How airgonomics was inspired by customer curiosity
  • Why we think indoor air is safe and why it is not
  • A dramatic example of how high CO2 levels have risen
  • The role of Chief Airgonomics Officer
  • Why it’s not just for scientists or air specialists
  • How Anders has implemented the role and feedback from colleagues
  • How you can get involved and the help you can expect

With over 20 years’ experience in engineering and design, there is very little Anders Sundvik does not know about filters, particles, gases, or air pollution and how to tackle it. Recently, he has been appointed as one of the world’s first Airgonomics Officers.

  • Why clean air is enjoying a new lease of life
  • The shocking pre-Covid numbers driving the change
  • Who sets the rules and how they are able to legislate so fast
  • The importance of considering pollution with indoor air
  • How the benefits of clean air reap rich rewards for business
  • Why clean air as a human right could be enshrined in UK law

As founder and Director of Clean Air in London (CAL), Simon Birkett has campaigned since 2006 for full compliance with World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines for air quality throughout London and elsewhere.

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